What Questions Do You Ask on First Dates?

before sunrise

before sunrise

Last weekend, I laughed out loud…

…while taking a podcast walk and listening to a This American Life episode, where people shared loaded questions they asked on first dates.

“What do you think of Beyoncé?” is the first-date question that editor Emanuele Berry asks. “It’s a question that tells you how they feel about a powerful Black woman,” she says. “If you feel the need to put her down or say something negative about her, it’s a real turn-off, it’s a red flag, basically.”

A woman named Kelsey asks her dates to name their favorite Tom Hanks movies. Since he’s been in so many different kinds, the question serves as a personality test. (Ed. note: The correct answer is Big.)

And Vivianne in Iowa says, “If your ex walked by right now with their new partner, what would you do?” which is a playful way of asking, how f-ed up was your last relationship?

Funny, right? As for actual questions, I like asking about someone’s top three movies, a book they’ve read recently, or a trip they’d love to take, money no object. They’re not loaded questions but usually kickstart fun conversations.

Not-great questions by Becky Simpson

Thoughts? What questions do (or would) you ask? Remember the 36 questions that help you fall in love?

P.S. My sister’s awesome dating tip, and my first date outfits on Big Salad.

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