NAWAS blend alt pop and house on ‘Made for Love’

NAWAS blend alt pop and house on ‘Made for Love’NAWAS

After a successful start to their career, the dance/alt-pop ensemble NAWAS momentarily stepped back from the spotlight, a strategic interlude that allowed them to rekindle their musical fervor and deliver a more refined sound. NAWAS is the brainchild of a dynamic duo of lifelong friends —Jake Nawas, a charismatic lead vocalist and pianist, and Ben McDaniel, a ingenious producer and multi-instrumentalist virtuoso. Their latest single, released on Kick Kick Snare Records, marks an exciting new chapter for the pair. ‘Made For Love,’ the label’s inaugural release, encapsulates the band’s signature moody alt-pop sound while venturing further into the world of classic house and EDM. This single not only signifies a rebirth but also a deepening of the pair’s musical exploration, blending infectious melodies with undeniable dance influences.

Crafted with passion and precision, ‘Made For Love’ is the brainchild of the dynamic duo and a seasoned accomplice, Geoff Duncan—whose work with Armin Van Buuren, Nightbirde, and Zayde Wolfe have earned him critical acclaim. The single heralds the beginning of an electrifying journey, leading up to an eagerly awaited EP that promises to drop before summer starts. From its onset, NAWAS has danced on the fringe of the electronica, weaving through genres with audacious anthems such as ‘Wrong’ and ‘Nevermind.’ However, this past year the project has made a pivotal shift. Deep in the creation of their much-anticipated ‘Exposure EP,’ they’ve embraced the tried and true sounds of house and EDM, carving a niche that’s distinctly theirs own.

On “Made For Love” the duo have not only pushed the envelope but have redefined the boundaries of their own musical identity, and thanks to an early listen of NAWAS’ next single “Contact High” featuring Heather Russell it’s all but confirmed that the ‘Exposure EP’ will leave a lasting impact.


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