8 eLearning Ultimate Guides For HR And L&D Pros


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Whether you’re looking for smart staffing solutions or tips to create more immersive learning experiences for your remote workforce, this list of eLearning ultimate guides has something for every HR or L&D pro. You’ll even find titles to help you prep your business for the talent mobility revolution, develop a stronger sales team, and train learners outside your organization.

eLearning Guides To Download Today

1. Hooked On Learning: How To Drive Learner Engagement With Video-Based Learning By EI Powered by MPS

Unlock the potential of video learning in your L&D programs to improve learner engagement and results. This guide features 20 effective strategies and 25 compelling examples to get you started, as well as notable benefits that every company should consider.

2. 4 Steps To Making The Pivot To Performance-Driven L&D By 360Learning

Right now, many L&D leaders are moving away from just providing learning to demonstrably affecting employee performance. This cheat sheet outlines steps to help you shift your strategy from learning-based L&D to performance-driven L&D.

3. No Headset? No Problem! Launch Your Immersive Learning Strategy With WebXR By SweetRush

Learning innovator, meet WebXR. Discover how this powerful technology helps you bring immersive experiences to every learner, with or without a VR headset…all while integrating with your LMS, serving up superior data analytics, and delivering dazzling ROI.

4. The Extended Advantage: Strategies For Training Learners Outside Your Organization By Schoox

Extended enterprise learning is typically defined as training for people who aren’t employees of your organization. This guide by Schoox digs into who these people are, why training them is a smart thing to do, and why this training has become critical.

5. The Ultimate Staffing Guide For Leaders By ELB Learning

Discover how staff augmentation and outsourcing are ideal strategies during this period of hiring freeze, slashed budgets, and quiet quitting. This playbook on L&D staff augmentation is a must-have for every learning organization.

6. Prime Your Organization For The Talent Mobility Revolution By E.L. Goldberg & Cornerstone

Today’s workforce is always on the move. This tendency toward motion can liberate or demoralize employees, depending on how and why it occurs. Ensure employee happiness by offering growth opportunities within your organization and prioritizing talent mobility. Explore strategies for creative solutions to future business challenges.

7. The Power Of Persuasion: Developing A Strong Sales Team By TalentLMS

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your current offering, this guide explores in detail how to train salespeople. But more specifically, how to design and deliver a structured sales training and enablement program that works for your team and your business.

8. Smart L&D Staffing For Learning And Development By AllenComm

Today, remote work solutions in digital environments are at an all-time high, opening the door for new project workflows and staff integration. These new work models have also impacted how businesses connect with customers. Growing your market share in this evolving environment requires you to adapt quickly to market trends while creating deliverables that meet your business needs. To accomplish this, many organizations must add new skillsets—competencies, as well as capabilities—to their teams to create more competitive offerings through smart staffing for Learning and Development.

Are You Looking For More eLearning Reads?

Check out our eLearning eBook library for more L&D guides. There are over 400 titles to choose from, penned by industry thought leaders and L&D insiders.

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