Meta is connecting Threads more deeply with the fediverse

Threads will now let people like and see replies to their Threads posts that appear on other federated social media platforms, the company announced on Tuesday.

Previously, if you made a post on Threads that was syndicated to another platform — like Mastodon, for example — you wouldn’t be able to see responses to that post while still inside Threads. That meant you’d have to bounce back and forth between the platforms to stay up-to-date on replies. Thanks to this upgrade, you’ll probably do less of that, though you’ll still have to be on the other platform to actually reply to the replies.

In a screenshot, Meta notes that you can’t reply to replies “yet,” so it sounds like that feature will arrive in the future.

Screenshots showing Meta’s fediverse improvements to Threads.
Image: Meta

Meta has been vocal about its plans to integrate with the decentralized social networking protocol ActivityPub since launching Threads nearly a year ago, with first testing starting in December.

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