Blue light filter glasses, do you need a pair?

Key Takeaways

  • Technology has evolved and GUNNAR Optiks offers blue light protection glasses for all, not just gamers.
  • Different tint options to choose from to suit your needs, from enhancing contrast to better color accuracy.
  • GUNNAR’s new Clear Pro Lens Technology provides top-notch color rendition, perfect for digital artists.

It’s interesting how technology has evolved and influenced everything around us. I have witnessed this evolution and how new creations have shaped and changed how we work, play, discover, and live. I was born when laptops weren’t as portable as they are today, when phones weren’t smart and when you had to memorize phone numbers if you wanted to call someone, when you didn’t have to pay extra to get secret stuff in the games you played and when you didn’t really care about spending hours in front of a screen.

It also means that I heard my mom yelling constantly, telling me to move away from the TV because it would mess up my eyes whenever I wanted to play video games. Now, it is my turn to tell my kids the same, as I know the damage blue light can do to their eyes. However, there are several ways to keep our eyes safe, and the best one I know comes in a small package that’s quite convenient and affordable. What’s even better is that you get a vast selection of options to choose from, thanks to GUNNAR Optiks.

I’ve always believed that the best things come in small packages, and that was precisely what happened when I discovered GUNNAR Optiks and its offerings. I found the perfect accessory I didn’t know I needed until I tried a pair. This brings me to the question: do you need a pair of blue light protection glasses in 2024?

As a commerce writer, I have the chance to test and play with tons of great products, which normally include high-end gear and some rather expensive products. However, I came across an email inviting me to cover deals and the launch of one of the company’s new frames. This arrived at the best possible time, as I was looking to replace my glasses.

To give you some context, we must travel back to 2017, when I started spending more than six hours in front of my laptop or other screens. At the end of the day, I felt tired and would typically wind up with a headache or a very uncomfortable sensation in my eyes. Hence, I checked my eyes to ensure I didn’t need prescription glasses. It turns out my eyes were more than OK, and I just needed to get a pair of bluer light protection glasses, which cost me around $200. A couple of years after that, I went for a second pair, which was more than $400. So there I was, with two pairs of glasses, having spent more than $600 on both and looking to get my third pair.

Luckily, that’s when GUNNAR reached out, and since then, it’s been GUNNAR all the way for me. I absolutely loved the experience, the fit, and the finish of these blue light protection glasses—so much so that I became more interested in the brand and how it came to be. The guys were extremely helpful and more than ready to answer my questions.

A little history lesson

So, the idea started back in 2003, when Joe Croft and Jennifer Michelsen teamed up to create a solution for digital eye strain. This problem was becoming quite common, as people were spending more and more time in front of screens. Of course, there was a three-year process that included extensive research and development, studies, consultation with medical advisors, and tons of prototypes until the company finally became official. Since then, GUNNAR Optiks has continued to grow, developing some of the best lenses to reduce the effects associated with the use of digital screens.

If I were to define GUNNAR , I’d go with ‘protection with style.’ I love the ones I have, and I tend to wear them all the time, even if I’m not in front of my laptop or monitor. I even wear them at night while driving as they help me see better. I usually wear the Stark Industries Edition Blue Light Sunglasses because they look sick and because they’re incredibly comfortable. They have an amber tint lens, which delivers up to 65 percent blue light protection and improved contrast which is great most of the time, even though they will turn everything you see a bit yellow.

Are there more options to choose from?

Gunnar product boxes

Of course, there are different tints to choose from, starting with the Amber Max tint that will block up to 98 percent of blue light. They will also enhance how you see things as they will improve contrast, but don’t expect excellent color accuracy. These will be the perfect fit for you if you suffer from migraines and insomnia, as they will help you sleep faster and better. And if you’re more interested in going out, you will enjoy the Sun tint, which is basically a regular pair of sunglasses that will block up to 90 percent blue light and deliver good contrast, but I don’t recommend wearing them at night. Still, they’re pretty popular among pilots and users who spend more time in the sun.

You can also opt for the clear variant, which offers 35 percent blue light blocking, and it’s excellent for those interested in photo and video editing. It will be even better for digital artists, graphics designers, and creative professionals, as they will deliver exceptional color rendition. Yeah, you sacrifice some blue light protection, but it’s still better than no protection. Now, things have gotten even more interesting in the last couple of days, as we witnessed the launch of a new tint that’s absolutely insane. GUNNAR recently announced its Clear Pro Lens Technology, which is even better for digital artists and creators, as this new lens will deliver top-notch color rendition.

GUNNAR glasses in hand

Have prescription lenses? Don’t worry, GUNNAR has you covered as well, and the best part is that you will get sexy-looking frames for a very reasonable price if you pick up one of the company’s signature frames, where you will find the Call Of Duty Alpha Edition frames, Spider Man Miles Morales Edition, and more. The Signature Performance level frames will get you a durable and lightweight structure with some of the company’s best-selling models.

Want to spend a bit more and look even better? In that case, you should check out the Epic and Legendary performance levels. The first offers enhanced frame durability, flexible hinges, and a customizable fit. I own the COD Covert Edition frames, and they’re always in my backpack, so they travel with me anywhere I go. You will find two of my favorite frames in this tier: the Marvel Stark Industries Edition and the Maverick. Finally, the Legendary tier includes the most premium frame materials, flex hinges and other goodies, so make sure you check them out before choosing what frame to purchase.

New technology and announcements

Arbor Collection GUNNAR

To make things even more exciting, GUNNAR has also announced new frames that will improve your experience. The company’s ARBOR collection is made with sustainably forested wood and a carbon fiber inner core to make them last. You will get to choose between the Humboldt, Muir, and the recently announced Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition glasses, which are perfect for Marvel fans.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 10.58.38 AM

I’m personally dying to try out this new tint, as I also like to draw stuff in my free time, and yes, the amber tint on my Stark Industries Edition glasses usually gets in the way when I want to choose the perfect color option for my drawings, mainly when I use blue lead to sketch.

Conclusion: Do you need a pair of blue light protection glasses?

So, in the end, I believe everybody should own a pair of GUNNAR blue light blocking glasses. You might think that they are meant for gamers only, but to be honest, they’re perfect for anyone who loves spending time in front of a screen. I have become a fan of the brand, and I can’t start to explain how satisfied I’ve been with every model I’ve tried.

Vertex GUNNAR screen shot from Amazon

I honestly suggest you pick up a pair with the amber tint, as you will find options starting at just $30 if you go for the Vertex model at, which is currently receiving a massive 40 percent discount at the time of writing. If you’re not sure about which option is best for you, then you should also consider picking up a pair of Cupertino frames, as this option comes with interchangeable lenses you can easily swap at your convenience.

Do I recommend them? That’s a huge and loud yes. I think everyone should have a pair, which made me give up my Mavericks to my wife, and I’m seriously considering getting more for my friends and family. I honestly believe that these glasses are some of the best products I’ve tried in a really long time, as I have indeed become a fan of GUNNAR and its products. So hurry up and grab a pair. I am more than sure that you will also love the experience.

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