11 PA Towns Among Americas Hottest Housing Markets

The new list from includes several Pennsylvania towns as the most popular real estate buys.

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PENNSYLVANIA — Eleven Pennsylvania towns have made a list of the hottest 150 real estate markets in the nation, according to a new ranking from

Lancaster took home the state’s highest ranking, at 21st in the nation with an 84.62 “hotness” score, according to the site.


“The Market Hotness Index exposes how local areas are experiencing fast moving supply and rising demand,” experts explain. “Using proprietary insights on buyer activity and the most comprehensive data on active inventory, the analysis breaks down demand and supply dynamics to rank metro areas, counties and zip codes relative to the rest of the country.”

The total amount of views each listing gets online is also used as an indicator of demand. Meanwhile, supply is measured by the median amount of days a home spends on the market in that given city.

Lancaster’s “hotness” score is higher than its ever been, and about two times higher than therest of the US on average.

Nashua, New Hampshire took the top spot in the country, followed by Rochester, New York. See the full list of’s hottest markets in the nation here.

Some of Pennsylvania’s major metro areas made the top 150 as well, with Allentown at 33 and Philadelphia at 103. Pittsburgh was off the top 150 list at 162 overall.

The full Pennsylvania list is included below, along with each of their scores:

21. Lancaster, 84.62

28. Reading, 82.44

33. Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, 80.60

36. State College, 79.26

43. Chambersburg-Waynesboro, 77.09

57. Harrisburg-Carlisle, 72.07

73. Erie, 67.89

74. Scranton, 67.56

77. York-Hanover, 66.89

91. Pottsville, 62.21

105. Philadelphia, 58.70

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