Megan Boni (Girl On Couch) and David Guetta unite for ‘Man In Finance’ [Q&A] : Dancing Astronaut

Megan Boni (Girl On Couch) and David Guetta unite for ‘Man In Finance’ [Q&A]DG Meg 1

Now that her satirical a cappella has securely embedded itself in pop culture, Megan Boni, familiarly known as social media personality Girl On Couch, has released an updated single version of “Man In Finance,” this time produced by David Guetta. Originally sampled by London-hailing electronic duo Billen Ted, “Man In Finance (G6 Trust Fund)” first hit streaming platforms on May 17th, a short turnaround after Boni originally posted the massively viral TikTok on April 30. Now, over one month since being a six-foot-five, finance-working trust fund baby (with blue eyes) became indispensable dating criteria, Boni has finalized a collaboration with one of the most streamed DJs of all time.

In honor of Boni and David Guetta’s moment-seizing new record, Dancing Astronaut sat down with Girl On Couch herself to discuss the release, her recent appearance next to Guetta in Las Vegas, and what might be in store for the 26-year-old social media star. Read the exclusive Q&A and stream the latest edition of “Man In Finance” before.

What kind of music did you grow up on?

Megan: “I grew up on Britney Spears, Panic! At The Disco, Green Day, Kesha…”

Did you have a sense of the dance music landscape before all of this, or was it completely foreign?

Megan: “I mean, I had a sense. I went to raves all the time in high school. But the industry as a whole is definitely very foreign to me.”

What would Megan a year ago say to you now that you’ve collaborated with David Guetta?

Megan: “I would laugh, honestly. I’m still laughing. He’s literally a legend, like the top DJ in the world it seems. I was super nervous to meet him, and I was told he didn’t speak very good English. The first thing I said when we met was, ‘Bonjour!’ But then he started speaking in fluent French and I was like, ‘Wait, that’s all I know!’ I feel like he got my humor right away and we just sort of clicked.”

You recently appeared at Encore Las Vegas to play out “Man In Finance,” live, next to David Guetta. Can you speak on that experience?

Megan: “I’ve already been asked to go to Germany, London, and Ibiza next week. I’m just like, ‘I need to go to my family beach house and sit on the couch for a little.’ I was asked to fly to Vegas like two days before. Luckily, I had no plans that weekend so I could make it work, but I’m definitely going to need to figure out a balance. I also hate traveling… So I’m like, ‘Can I fly first class at least?’”

In an ideal world, what do you hope to gain from this moment in time?

Megan: “Well, I’ve started taking acting classes… I obviously want to run with the song all summer. I want to see what we can do with it, but the goal would to be on like SNL writing parody songs—I think I would be really good at that.”

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