Happy Nuts Waterproof Trimmers from $29.99 Shipped for Amazon Prime Members

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hand holding happy nuts trimmer under water

For a limited time, and while supplies last, zoom over to Amazon where Prime members can score some hot deals on Happy Nuts Hair Trimmers!

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Prime members can score these deals…

mens electric trimmer with all accessories

This body groomer works really well and I don’t even bother using the guards when trimming my junk. I have no issues with cuts or nicks like I did with Phillips body groomer. The trimmer lasts forever since I still haven’t charged it. The design is really slim and has a non-slip grip which helps me get into every nook and cranny. This is a solid product, my nuts are happy!

man holding black happy nuts trimmer

This was a purchase for my boyfriend just for easier face trimming as he has to be clean shaven for work. I saw a comment in a group about using it for lady landscaping and let me tell you, I have very sensitive skin, I can’t shave without breaking out or ingrown hairs. I’ve tried different razors, specialty shave gels and creams, exfoliating, things for after and I just could not shave bare without issues.

This got me the closest shave I’ve gotten in almost 10 years! This is definitely good for men but it’s not just for men. If you have sensitive skin BUY IT NOW! Let me add, it has a small light that isn’t super bright but it is definitely helpful in low light situations.

happy nuts ballber pro shaver on charger next to box

The light on this is incredible. You wouldn’t think you need it until you have it and once you have it, it’s like you don’t know how you ever went without it. The fact that you can take this into the shower and use it in the water is a BIG deal breaker. It cleans real easy that way as well. The design is pretty slim and very lightweight and combined with the double sided clippers it becomes VERY handy. 

hand holding black happy nuts shaver with box behind it

In addition to having long-lasting batteries, these Happy Nuts trimmers are 100% waterproof, making grooming easier and cleanup quicker.

Whether it’s for Father’s Day or just because any of these trimmers would make a great gift. Plus, they come fully charged right out of the box.

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