Happy’s Place Season 1: Everything We Know So Far

Red-headed actress and legendary country crooner Reba McEntire is at it again with another funny project for the whole family.

And this time, she’s joined by a familiar face.

Believe it or not, a whole generation of adults grew up watching McEntire’s classic series Reba and didn’t even know she was a country singer.

Her roles and country queen persona are very similar, with the only difference being her singing.

In recent years, the southern songstress appeared in a leading role in the Big Sky series.

This fall, Reba returns with Melissa Peterman and up-and-coming actress Belissa Edwards. Here’s everything we know so far about Happy’s Place!

What is Happy’s Place about?

Bobbi (Reba McEntire) inherits her father’s restaurant and is less than thrilled to discover she has a new business partner in the half-sister she never knew she had.

Right away, we have a generational gap where there will be a fair amount of cultural reference confusion between Bobbi and her little sister from both ends.

We’ll likely see the now-cliched joke of “What’s a landline?” and various other intergenerational jokes involving TikTok and the most Gen-Z-infused terminology.

It’ll be interesting to see what role Melissa Peterman plays, considering her character name hasn’t been released.

However, as she’s not included in the show description, it’s unlikely that she’s another sister.

She’s featured enough in the show trailer that it’s clear she plays a pivotal character, but that character could be anything from a childhood friend to a mouthy bar employee working there to pay off her gambling debts.

It could be anything, but we’re glad to see her in the wake of her recent stint as the recurring character Brenda Sparks on Young Sheldon.

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Beyond the expected plot of funny and awkward social settings and adjusting to a new family member, Happy’s Place will most likely balance humor with heart, as is Reba McEntire’s bread and butter.

Who is in Happy’s Place?

Despite what the title suggests, there is actually no character named Happy in the series as of yet.

Still, as the plot revolves around Reba’s character inheriting a bar from her father, it’s safe to guess that Happy might’ve been the dad’s name.

I’m sure it’s clear that Reba is headlining this new sitcom venture.

And she won’t be doing it with strangers as she has her longtime primetime television buddy, Melissa Peterman. Here’s the cast as we current know it:

Reba McEntire (Big Sky) as Bobbie

Belissa Escobedo (American Horror Stories) as Isabella

Cheryl Francis Harrington (General Hospital) as Receptionist

A number of actors, such as Melissa Peterman (Young Sheldon), Rex Linn (Better Call Saul), Tokala Black Elk (Outer Range), and Pablo Castelblanco (Daily Alaska), have undisclosed roles in the series.

It’s fairly common for sitcoms to start with the core cast during a show’s premiere season and then add characters later on as arcs and plots develop.

So, while the cast list is limited at the moment, there will likely be more additions, especially if the show gets renewed midseason.

As we inch through the summer months, more cast and character information will come through the grapevine, where we’ll pick it and serve it up to you on a silver platter!

Where Can I Watch Happy’s Place?

Happy’s Place is slated for the Fall 2024-2025 television schedule, and no specific month for the premiere is set at the moment.

Audiences can catch the hilarious new sitcom on Friday nights at 8/7c when the series airs.

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The show can be watched on the NBC network or the next day on Peacock unless you subscribe to the streaming channel Premium Plus, in which case, you’ll also be able to watch the episodes live.

Reba McEntire is an executive producer on the show, along with Kevin Abbott, who served as a producer on McEntire’s previous projects, including Reba and Malibu Country.

The duo is also joined by producer Michael Hanel of Why Women Kill, who previously worked with Reba and Kevin on the show Reba.

The logline leaves a bit to be desired, but luckily, the show’s trailer is available, and we have it right here for you!

What Other Shows are On the Fall Line-up?

Happy’s Place will be joined by a whole catalog of new and returning shows to the Peacock network, whether you’re looking for something that captivates the smart parts of your noodle through medical science or just more comedy shows full of funny people.

For more at-home humor full of family fun, tune in for the third season of Lopez vs. Lopez, starring George Lopez and his real-life daughter, Mayan Lopez, as they navigate the ups and downs of life.

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If you can’t get enough family connection amidst situational comedy, check out Melissa Rauch from The Big Bang Theory as Abby Stone, the new night court judge, a position that her father previously held.

Are we done laughing?

Not even close because this fall, audiences can brace themselves for the next great medical comedy since Scrubs in this mockumentary show about an understaffed and underfunded hospital in Ohio called St. Denis Medical.

When you’re ready to get serious and down to business, join Zachary Quinto in the medical drama about real-life neurologist Dr. Oliver Wolf Sacks in Brilliant Minds.

And don’t worry — all your favorite shows are coming back, including Law & Order and Found, as well as a plethora of shows based in Chicago, like Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D.

That’s a lot of emergency personnel! Is everything alright in the Windy City?

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Are you excited for Reba McEntire’s next television adventure?

Which other shows are you excited to see?

Drop a comment below to let us know and join us this fall when we start covering new and returning shows!

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