Controller for HomeKit Update Arrives With Unique Floor Plan Feature

While you can obviously interact with all your devices likes lights, locks, speakers, and much more from the stock Apple Home app, Controller for HomeKit is for power users of a smart home.

The app is a perfect way to control HomeKit devices on all of your Apple devices. It provides a perfect way to create complex automations, back up all of your smart home information, store setup codes, advanced notifications, and much more.

And the app has just received a big update to version 7.0 with a unique feature. Anyone with a LiDAR-enabed devices—an iPhone 12 or later, third-generation 11-inch iPad Pro or later, and 12.9-inch iPad Pro or later—can use the device to create a 3D model of your home.

You can then enhance the Floor Plan with buttons for device control, display of current sensor values, execution of sensors and workflows, and even room navigation. It gives a true visual look at your smart home. 

With an eye on privacy, all data processing is done locally on your iPhone or iPad, and the transfer of the floor plan to other user’s devices is encrypted with Apple iCloud.

If you don’t have the device required to create a Floor Plan, there’s an easy solution. With an App Clip, you can borrow a compatible device to create the Floor Plan, export it, and then import it back into your device.

Along with the Floor Plan option, the app’s main screen has been redesigned to provides instant access to the Floor Plan, cameras, scenes, workflows, and more.

A new room overview provides easy accessory management and control.

With the favorites feature, you can always have quick access to the most important scenes and workflows.

An additional widget now also provides direct Floor Plan access from your home screen.

Controller for HomeKit is a free download now for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

To get the most out of the app, you’ll need a subscription. The Pro subscription is $5.49 monthly or $29.99 yearly. There is a free, seven-day trial.

You can also purchase a lifetime license of the app.

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