Will Trent Season 2 Episode 6 Review: We Are Family

Will Trent’s cast shine in family and group scenes. They provide entertainment and fun and have delved into numerous backstories.

It’s always a treat when the GBI and the APD solve cases together. Both divisions teamed up on Will Trent Season 2 Episode 6 to investigate Judge Ringgold’s murder.

Elsewhere, Will learned how to balance his career with family when he met his long-lost uncle, Antonio Miranda.

For so long, Will’s career at the GBI has been his entire life. It’s the first way he identifies as a GBI Special Agent. When he met his Uncle Antonio, things changed.

It was unbelievable how similar they were. Antonio brought his dog along for their first meeting, and he was overwhelmed by how much Will reminded him of Lucy.

I’m sorry. You look just like your mother.


This episode explored Will’s neurodiversity, from showing how overwhelmed Will looked when Antonio first embraced him to Will being relieved that his uncle struggled with dyslexia, too.

He has always felt alone, so watching the two men bond over their dislike of reading new menus or finding directions was pivotal.

Antonio wanted to meet Angie as much as she wanted to meet him, and Angie was right that Will couldn’t keep all his compartments of life separate.

It almost seemed like their relationship took another jump forward as she joked about joining him in Puerto Rico with his uncle.

Angie also reminded Will that bonding with his new uncle was more important than solving another murder. In Will Trent Season 2, Angie has become more mature and realizes what matters.

Only Angie could make Will leave a homicide investigation to meet his uncle again. I hated that his uncle’s friends made Will feel that being a cop was unhonorable.

Things might have been different if someone had protected Will as a child as he protected Amanda.

Will Trent Season 2 has had an optimistic tone, fueling viewers with hope even in dark times. The series has demonstrated that even characters like Will and Angie took their trauma and now fight for others.

Antonio: Now you’re that guy.
Will: Yeah, I am.

We haven’t seen Will and Angie work on a case together in ages. This was a treat because they knew each other well, which was amusing or valuable in different parts of the investigation.

I loved that the entire team worked on a more lighthearted case. Will looked out of a place in the drag queen club, especially when they started flirting with him.

Glinda: Well, well. Well. If it isn’t Anita Subpoena.
Angie: Did you just give him a drag name?

It became a more serious case when the drag queens reported that they’d been recently harassed, but they didn’t have footage because not all of their customers had come out publically yet.

I’m relieved they addressed that. That became a more significant issue when Will and Angie learned that one of the drag queens, Gabe, was Judge Ringgold’s son.

Did she know you worked as a drag queen?


The judge’s murder explored the Ringgold family drama and showcased that the family you create is often more critical. Gabe’s stepfather, Dalton, quoted the Bible and had difficulty accepting that Gabe was gay and kicked him out when he was a teenager.

His sister, Rowen, felt betrayed because he left her there, so she sided with their stepdad and accused Gabe of murdering their mom.

It seemed like so much resentment and anger, and it was challenging to decipher the truth.

It almost seemed like the judge wanted to leave her jewelry to her son, not her daughter, inciting more fights.

Seeing Faith and Det. Ormewood work together was also amusing. I never thought they’d bond over anything, but Faith commiserated with Michael over being a new single parent.

The two of them were more skeptical than Will and Angie about why Judge Ringgold would suddenly make amends with her son until Faith and Angie discovered the judge almost died in a car accident, which prompted regrets.

Gabe really was his mother’s son since as soon as he realized his sister Rowen committed the murder, he attempted to take the blame, but Angie saw through the lies.

It’s disheartening that Gabe’s family pretended he never existed after they kicked him out. Rowen felt alone, and it makes sense why she felt betrayed when their mom went to see him.

I appreciated that Angie and Will explained that they had felt alone and isolated before convincing Rowen to drop the gun.

Sonja Sohn predicted that the tension between Amanda and Faith wouldn’t disappear anytime soon. I’m unsure if Amanda was more upset that Faith was dating a reporter involved with the case or that she didn’t know about it yet.

Amanda chastised Faith like a teenager when she caught Faith flirting with Luke in her office.

Since Faith still felt betrayed by Amanda’s secrets, she almost responded like an angry teenager.

She first taunted her about her mistake, which crossed the line, and then almost reported Amanda to HR for harassment. These two have many underlying issues to work out before they become close again.

When the GBI and the APD interact together, it’s delightful. We already discussed the unexpected fun of seeing Faith and Det. Ormewood teaming up, but how much fun was his daughter, Cooper, organizing a group pot-luck?

The poor little girl has been lonely without Gina. She was apparently everyone’s darling at the precinct, and no one could refuse her. I loved that both Angie and Nico insisted that Will attend.

Better yet, it was great that Nico was included, and they pushed for Antonio to come with Will.

It finally showed Will that his co-workers had become like family since they all looked pleased he had reunited with his long-lost uncle.

We need more scenes with all of them hanging out like that, forgetting petty squabbles, and acting like family.

What did you think of “We Are Family,” Will Trent Fanatics? Did you enjoy seeing the team hang out together?

What did you think of the similarities between Antonio and Will? Would you like to see him again?

Let us know in the comments.

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