Hades and Risk of Rain 2 come together in co-op roguelike, out now

A distinctive visual style goes a long way. With so many videogames coming out all the time, the lush artwork of something like Hades and the Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic of a game like Cult of the Lamb help make a new roguelike stand out in its genre. This is definitely the case with Vellum, a fantasy roguelike that sets itself apart with a unique look, and which has just launched in Early Access on Steam.

Vellum is a co-op game where players assume the role of Scribes, creatures that resemble anthropomorphic fountain pens, and delve into giant books to fight off the enemies trying to invade their library home. This takes the form of combat against monochromatic enemies, which contrast nicely with the Scribes’ bold colors, and is given a unique spin through a system that sees players needing to choose which powers their foes will possess during each upcoming run.

Vellum emphasizes character customization through a wealth of available skills and powers capable of making big combos, especially when used in conjunction with up to three other players. It also includes a feature that boosts rewards when Scribes opt into extra challenges that change levels by adding in sight obscuring fog, deadly lava, and more. Each run is also meant to be short enough for players to easily jump into a match, lasting about 30 minutes.

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If this sounds intriguing, you can check out Vellum in Early Access on Steam. It’s discounted by 10% from now until April 11, making it $17.99 / £15.07. Grab a copy right here.

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