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california coast

california coast

What are you up to this weekend? We were planning to go to Coney Island — this weekend is the season’s opening day! — but the forecast says rain, so we will see. Also, Babaà’s annual discount code is good through March 28th, so go forth! Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Love the pockets on these jeans so much.

Toddlers smell like flowers, teens smell “goatlike.” #confirmed

How gorgeous are these hikes?!

The absolute best way to make onion dip, yes please.

Wow, this heart-wrenching essay on grief: “I’ve spent a lifetime dreading the loss of a parent. And now it’s finally happened. I am shocked at how shocked I am.”

Parenting hack: backwards beach days.

The NYT’s fun, interactive guide to choosing your next book. (NYT gift link)

These silver shoes would look great with jeans.

How beautiful are these marbled papers?

Busted, haha.

And this week on Big Salad, we interviewed Diana Moss, who runs the brilliant/legendary design blog Miss Moss. She talks about raising kids in South Africa, the shoes she always gets compliments on, and a fun game she keeps in her bag. Plus, we feature her gorgeous house tour (that slanted light!). Read everything here, if you’d like (paywalled).

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Jessica G. on four things: “I’ve always subscribed to the idea of changing out of work clothes immediately after getting home because of watching Mr. Rogers as a kid. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for cardigans.”

Says Andrea on being a good party host: “My rule for hosting: ATTEND YOUR OWN PARTY! I prep the meal and the clean-up in a way in which I am mainly with the other guests. The food is 90% ready when people get there, and the kitchen is clean. This means I can also be part of the dinner and festivities and then place the dishes in the clean sink for the morning.”

Says Maureen on the sexiest podcast: “I listen to spicy romance novels on audiobook, and one of my absolute greatest joys is being in the grocery store or walking home from school drop-off, and no one around me knows that I am enjoying truly delicious smut. I feel like I have a very fun dirty little secret while doing the mundane chores related to being a working parent.”

(Photo by Dave Waddell/Stocksy. Guardian loss article via Haley.)

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