Pinterest Shares New Insights into Key Wedding Trends in the App


Pinterest has shared some new data on wedding-related searches in the app, and the key wedding trends that are gaining traction among Pinterest users.

And weddings are a big focus in the app. Pinterest says that more than 10 billion wedding ideas were saved by pinners in 2023 alone, while many wedding planners also rely on the platform to map out ideas

So what are the key nuptial trends?

First off, Pinterest says that low-key weddings are on the rise:

“Pinners seem to be turning away from over-the-top, expensive weddings and instead putting more emphasis on quality time with loved ones and guest experiences. Trending venues show that they are planning intimate weddings in cozy environments that connect with nature.”

I mean, given the broader economic conditions, that’s probably not a surprise, but it may help in your pitches around wedding themes.

Pinterest says that topics like “fairy garden wedding dress” have seen a 155% increase in search interest, while “forest fairy wedding dress” has also seen a big jump in interest (+690%)

Other search terms reinforcing this trend are “small backyard wedding reception” (+300%), “civil ceremony” (+210%), “small forest wedding” (+170%) and “Rural wedding” (+230%).

Pinterest wedding trends

Pinterest also says that searches for vintage weddings are on the rise.

“It seems some couples are drawn to the charm and romance of bygone eras, as well as the classic and refined aesthetic they bring. Some may even choose to use family heirlooms like vintage rings to add sentimental value.

Searches underlining this trend include “70s wedding dress vintage” (+420%), “Victorian wedding dress vintage (+170%), and “Vintage lace wedding dress” (+200%).

Pinterest wedding trends

Pinterest further notes that Gen Z are opting for more colorful wedding celebrations, while “goth glamor” has also been a trend of note in the app.

This is valuable insight for wedding-related businesses, while the data also underlines the role that Pinterest plays for many users in helping them plan out looks and themes for different events.

That could relate to your business, and it may well be worth playing around with Pinterest Trends to see what’s gaining traction, and assessing whether it’s worth your business putting more focus on the app.

Pinterest currently serves 498 million monthly active users, with the vast majority of them coming to the platform with shopping intent.

Could be worth a look.

You can check out Pinterest’s wedding trends report here.

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