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What are you up to this weekend? I’m getting a haircut with Reagan this evening, and while it would be fun to do something drastic, I’ve gotten the same cut since I was five years old, so this will be my look! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

In today’s Big Salad, I wrote about two outfits I’m planning to wear on first dates — thoughts?? Plus, six funny things I noticed on Hinge, and a pro tip for first kisses. Read the full issue here (paywalled).

“When I quit drinking, Shirley Temples made going out fun again.”

Would you live in this cabin-y motorboat? (NYTimes gift link)

Oooh, love this swimsuit.

“Why Black families like mine celebrate with banana pudding.”

Humorous measurements. “If a ‘helen’ is an amount of beauty, then 1 millihelen is the amount of beauty needed to launch a single ship.’

Cute socks to wear with flats.

Can lighting candles at the dinner table help kids sit still? (Worked for us!)

“I wear the same $70 outfit every day.” (NYMag)

Digging this four-leaf clover tapestry spotted in a Scotland house tour.

Can parents prevent their sons from sliding to the right? “My husband and I have tried to raise our sons with softness, and we’ve done well so far. But as they leave my iron dome of maternal influence, my softness has to extend to the parts of themselves that I wouldn’t choose for them. It’s hard work, respectfully debating a tragically underinformed teen about things that we deeply care about. But who said parenting was easy?” (The Cut)

Also, thank you to New York Magazine and Domino for chatting about my favorite things. xoxo

Plus two reader comments:

Says Anon on how are you doing: “Something you like about yourself, big or small? I laugh easily, which Emily Henry says is a ‘criminally under-appreciated trait.’”

Says Margaret on we’re taking this week off: “I just want to say YES!!! The world needs more of this. More determining what makes sense and adjusting our days. More to realizing that the deadlines are often ones that WE created. WE should change them when they do not work. More HUMAN systems! Let’s stop pretending we are machines. We have seasons, cycles, peaks and valleys. We should honor them.” [Ed. note: Thank you so much, Margaret!]

(Photo from our Instagram.)

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