You can’t play League of Legends right now, but a fix is on the way


League of Legends is so omnipresent that when something goes wrong with the game’s functionality, it feels a bit like the lights have just gone out during a thunderstorm. Riot Games’ long-running multiplayer game is meant to just work — to be online when players have a bit of free time to spend with it. Unfortunately, LoL is currently suffering unforeseen matchmaking issues that have made it impossible to get into a round until Riot is able to put out a fix.

Reports on League of Legend‘s connectivity issues started coming in just after noon PST/3 pm EST, with users posting on X (formerly Twitter) and r/leagueoflegends that they could start up the game and even join lobbies but were unable to actually begin playing a match. The problem appears to be present in both North America and Europe, but may be wider spread.

League of Legends matchmaking issue screen: A server status post from League of Legends.

Riot Games’ acknowledged the issue soon after reports regarding the issue popped up. At the time of writing, its League of Legends Service Status page notes the existence of matchmaking issues, though, for now at least, there’s no sign of when the multiplayer game will be up and working again. The Service Status post only says, “We’re aware of a problem impacting game queues and are working on a fix.”

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