This new fantasy Metroidvania is a soulslike version of Palworld


If you enjoy dealing with strange monsters and mythical quests, and want a slick, stylish animation style for your games, then we’ve got the perfect adventure for you. Biomorph is coming to Steam Next Fest, and you can play the demo right now to see what all the fuss is about.

Biomorph is the second game to come from the Lucid Dreams studio, and it signals a considerable step up in terms of the visuals, combat style, and most importantly, the narrative. Combine the inventive creature design of Palworld, the world building of Metroidvania, and a soulslike approach to fighting, and Biomorph is the result.

For a 2D platform game, the animation on display here is impeccable. With a bold color palette, dynamic movement, and rather haunting imagery, Biomorph feels reminiscent of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Cartoon Network classic Samurai Jack, or his unique take on Star Wars with Clone Wars.

It’s the story that really has us excited here, though. Biomorph throws gamers into a dystopian wasteland where they are confronted by intense puzzles and formidable villains and big bosses. The kicker is, once you defeat a foe in any of the elaborate, intricate fight scenes, you absorb their very essence and continue your missions as that character. More amalgamation than evolution, this highly original concept is both very cool and very, very unsettling.

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You can get on board the hype train with the Biomorph demo right now, or add the game to your wishlist on Steam ahead of its full release on Monday March 4.

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