Top List Spotlight: LMS Tools For Skills Development

What Are The Best LMS Tools For Skills Development And Assessment?

Skills assessment is vital for the success of an organization. It allows leaders to identify knowledge gaps and areas for improvement that are holding their businesses back from reaching their maximum productivity. Additionally, they help you create personalized development plans that increase employee engagement and retention rates. Nevertheless, it might be challenging trying to find an LMS with the right skill assessment features according to the needs of your organization. For this reason, eLearning Industry has put together a list of the top vendors that provide LMS tools for skills development and assessment.

5 Reasons To Read This List

Before we dive into this, it’s worth mentioning that every entry was added after taking many factors into consideration. Specifically, the eLI team of experts, with the help of CEO Christopher Pappas, examined data regarding each company’s economic growth potential, customer reviews, software innovation, etc. As a result, you can rest assured that each vendor has earned their position on the list. What’s more, the information is frequently updated to reflect changes in the industry. So, let’s look at what you can expect to find in this list.

1. Discover The Best LMS Tools For Developing And Assessing Skills

There’s no question that there are numerous vendors in the industry that offer just the right tools for the needs of your staff and organization in general. However, it can take days, if not months, to look into all of them. eLearning Industry does the job for you and saves you valuable time by giving you the top choices in the market. You will undoubtedly find a suitable solution in this selection.

2. Compare Key Features And Customer Reviews

Not every business has the same requirements from its LMS, which is why you can’t pick any solution. Instead, you need to take a closer look at the key features of each software to find the one that most suits your needs. This list makes it easier to identify standout features and make the necessary comparisons. Not to mention that it gives you access to verified customer reviews and ratings that give you a better understanding of each solution’s real-life performance.

3. Explore The Benefits Of LMSs With Skill Assessment Features

With all this talk about skills development and assessment, you might be wondering what it is that makes them so essential. In this section, you will find more details about how you can use these LMS tools for skills development and assessment to enhance your business’s efficiency and boost employee retention levels.

4. Learn Best Practices When Creating LMS Assessments

Learning Management Systems give you the ability to create various skills assessments depending on which skill you’re looking to evaluate. However, there are some best practices you need to follow if you want to make the most of your LMS’s capabilities. Read this section to find out what those are and how they can make the assessment process more effective.

5. Discover The Assessment Features You Should Be Looking For In An LMS

Skills development and assessment tools come with an array of features that may or may not be useful to your organization. But it’s safe to say that there is a certain set of features you will need regardless of what you’re trying to achieve. For example, learning progress trackers and dialogue simulations will allow you to measure more skills and reach insightful conclusions. You will find more information in this section of the list.


Training employees and assessing the progress of their learning journey can be a complex yet rewarding process. Thankfully, when you have the right LMS tools, this process can become easier and much more efficient. If you don’t know which tools or features you need to invest in, this article is just for you. Read eLearning Industry’s list of the Top LMS Tools For Skills Development And Assessment and discover all the information you need to know to help your staff reach its maximum potential.

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