Try to Keep Warm in the Card-Based Overwinter Survival


In the card-based survival game, you are stranded on the glaciers of Greenland after your plane crashes for an unknown reason. You take shelter at a nearby cabin.

To stay alive you will need to hunt, craft tools and other items, and keep the stove fueled.

You have a maximum of three hearts. The colder it is inside the cabin, the faster the hearts will deplete. To survive, you will keep warm while using the tools to find food. If you don’t, you will eventually freeze to death.

During each round of the game, you only have a single card to choose. Make sure choose wisely. You have a single chance to deal new cards if you’re looking for other things to try before the day ends.

The cards are random generated each time you play, so the journey is different. I’ve played through a few lifetimes and have only made it 22 days, but I’m definitely going to keep trying and see if the cards will turn in my favor.

Overwinter Survival is for the iPhone and a $1.99 download now on the App Store. There are in-app purchases available.


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