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What are the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures rewards? Capping off the first month of the new year, this multi-day event shakes up the typical mobile board game formula with a brand new way to play. It plays out in tandem with your usual dice rolls and board clear ambitions, giving you more reasons to roll and plenty more rewards for doing so. Here’s how it works, what you can earn, and when it all ends.

Just getting started with Monopoly Go? Pay close attention to our Monopoly Go events page. Not only does it show past and present events to help you weigh up your in-game options, but it also sheds light on the patterns present with each in-game promotion. With Monopoly Go dice links coming in multiple times each day, it should be everything you need to make a splash. Looking for something new? Check out the best online board games while you’re here.

Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures rewards

Level Reward
1 25 dice rolls and two pickaxes
2 75 dice rolls and three sticker packs
3 Scotty the dog emoji
4 125 dice rolls and two pickaxes
5 Cash and three pickaxes
6 150 dice rolls
7 Cash and three pickaxes
8 175 dice rolls
9 Cash and sticker packs
10 250 dice rolls
11 Cash and four pickaxes
12 Sticker Packs
13 300 dice rolls, a shield skin, and Sticker Boom (30-minutes)
14 Cash and sticker packs
15 350 dice rolls
16 Pot token
17 400 dice rolls and five pickaxes
18 450 dice rolls
19 Cash and five pickaxes
20 2,500 dice rolls, cash, and sticker packs

Completing the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event earns you a total of 4,500 free dice rolls.

A three-image graphic showing how to play the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event.

How to play Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures

You can take part in the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event by tapping the pickaxe icon on the right side of the screen. Doing so takes you to the Jungle Treasures area. Here, you spend pickaxes to break tiles on a 4×5 grid, potentially unearthing treasures with each swing.

Treasures may take up multiple tiles on the grid, requiring more than one pickaxe to reveal. By taking note of the shape of a treasure, you’ll stand a better chance of knowing which tiles might hide the remaining pieces.

Each treasure you completely reveal then goes into a container above the grid. Find all of the treasures depicted in the container to complete the search, move on to the next, and earn points toward the next reward.

There are 20 levels of Jungle Treasures rewards to earn, with each level offering dice rolls, sticker packs, cash, and more.

When does the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event end?

The Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event is set to end on January 27 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM GMT. Any unused Jungle Treasures pickaxes will likely be automatically exchanged for other in-game items once the event ends.

The 'How it works' graphic from the Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event.

How to get more Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures pickaxes for free

To get more Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures pickaxes for free, you need to earn them from other in-game events. The Monopoly Go Ski Stars rewards list features pickaxes throughout, and it’s not the only in-game event with free pickaxes as a reward.

Back out of the Jungle Treasures screen and roll on your main board to reach the milestones that reward free pickaxes, then head back into the Jungle Treasures screen to earn sticker packs toward your collection and more dice rolls to earn even more free Monopoly Go pickaxes. One event naturally feeds into the other. How neat is that?

That’s the whole Monopoly Go Jungle Treasures event in a nutshell. If you still have time, why not check out the best free PC games while you’re here? Hold the dice roll button and you can play them while the game rolls for you. Better yet, check out the best board games on Steam if you want to juggle two at once.

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