You Can Now Cancel In-Progress Stories Uploads on Instagram

Here’s a small, but handy new update on Instagram.

In the latest version of the app, you now have an option to halt a Stories upload mid-process, which could be a valuable way to catch errors or issues before they get made viewable in the app.

Instagram Stories upload

As you can see in this example, posted by social media expert Ahmed Ghanem, there’s now a button within the Stories upload flow that enables you to stop a Story from going live after you’ve hit “Share”.

Which, as any social media manager will attest, will come in handy many more times than you probably want to admit.

It happens all the time, you add the wrong link, notice a spelling error at the last minute, you forget to tag a profile, etc.

These are all simple, common errors that are going to come up, especially when you’re posting multiple Stories, and other social posts, every day. As such, having the option to quickly stop the upload, and correct these mistakes, will be very helpful.

The update is available in the latest version of the app.  

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