League of Legends could be getting a ranked ARAM mode, yes, really

League of Legends is stirring all sorts of conversations with its latest season as is the case with each of the MOBA’s major new patches. While fans discuss whether or not Season 14 is off to a good start as others gear up for Smolder’s fiery arrival, Riot Games developers are taking to online forums such as Reddit to answer players’ most pressing questions. One of the most recent AMAs sees a particularly interesting response come to light regarding the possibility of ranked ARAM.

More often than not, the League of Legends community has a plethora of questions for Riot. Considering the MOBA‘s frequent updates, it’s not all that surprising that LoL players look toward the future when questioning the developer. Such queries could be regarding champion balancing, or they could have to do with entirely new features, like game modes. In the latest LoL AMA on Reddit, we see someone ask about ranked ARAM.

“Ranked ARAM goes against the premise of ARAM,” responds developer Riot Cadmus. “Generally, players have stated that they go to ARAM to not stress over a competitive experience.” Cadmus says that a ranked queue and support for it from Riot would change “the perception of the mode” into one “inherently more competitive,” which the team wants to avoid.

The dev continues, explaining that Riot Games has “tested” the ranked ARAM format and “surveyed” it only to receive “negative responses.” On top of the public’s supposed general perception of ARAM, this feedback has prompted the team to steer clear from “creating a permanent ranked ARAM experience.” On the other hand, ARAM Clash is more acceptable as it’s time-limited and “not ‘grindy’ in nature.”

Riot Cadmus' response in the Reddit AMA regarding the possibility of League of Legends ranked ARAM

According to Cadmus, Clash is “much closer” to how the studio wants to address “players who have variations in how they would like to approach ARAM.” More competitive players seem less than satisfied with Cadmus’ explanation, though. One fan chimes in under the developer’s response, “It’s not like it would be mandatory to play and there are some of us who like to play the game mode seriously.”

Another player expresses disappointment over a lack of ranked ARAM, saying “I for one would be in favor of these changes and look forward to a time when they come.” Some fans push back against the notion and agree with Cadmus, claiming “ARAM is not able to be played seriously.” As of now, the developer has yet to reply to any opinions posted under his initial answer.

Who knows though, will all of the pushback, we may just see a ranked ARAM mode. It’ll be long after the most recent League of Legends patch 14.1, though, if popular opinion ends up pulling through successfully. For now, most eyes will likely stay on League of Legends’ negative LP spurts as ranked players grapple with their punishing climb up the grueling ladder in Summoner’s Rift.

With all of the League of Legends Season 14 changes to worry about, we have plenty of hot topics to discuss regarding the MOBA. If you’re trying to make your way to the top during this challenging season yourself, you can also look to our in-depth LoL tier list to ensure you’ve been keeping up with the current meta properly.

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