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Kory Keefer Reacts to His Breakup From ‘Summer House’ Star Sam Feher

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Samantha “Sam” Feher and Winter House star Kory Keefer are officially over! The Summer House star confirmed her breakup from the TV personality on the January 16 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. Later, Kory reacted to their split with a statement shared with Page Six that same day. “Sam and I connected on so many levels but I believe we just weren’t meant for each other, and that’s the hardest truth to admit,” he told the tabloid.

Just hours after Sam announced their split on the podcast, Kory also told the outlet that he still has “positive” thoughts about his ex. The Bravo personality noted that he has  “nothing but positive things to say” about Sam. “She is such a special lady,” Kory continued. “Honestly, she’s just a beautiful, wonderful, loving woman.” After Sam admitted that she was “hurt” by his actions on Winter House, Kory said that he was “so sorry for that.”

He also admitted to the outlet that he takes “responsibility” for their relationship crumbling. “Navigating any relationship is difficult and doing it on tv and in the public eye is next level,” Kory said. “But I take full responsibility for how I acted on ‘Winter House.’ It kills me to look back and see how my actions hurt Sam. I’m so sorry for that. I made this winter very very difficult for her.”

Before he concluded the statement, Sam’s ex claimed that he has “been doing a lot of self reflection” so that he can “grow as a man.” Finally, the gym owner expressed that he will “cherish” the time he spent with Sam. “We had some amazing memories that I will always cherish and I was just so blessed to have had the time with her,” Kory stated. His reaction to their split comes just hours after Sam confirmed that their relationship ended in December 2023.

Sam appeared on a January 16 podcast episode and revealed why she chose to end her romance with Kory. “I’m not even out here to talk s***. I think he’s great,” she said during the interview. “I didn’t break up with him because I don’t love him. I broke up with him because he doesn’t love me, and that’s that.” She also claimed that although she expressed her love to her now-ex, he “didn’t say it back.” Sam also alleged that Kory “never said it for the rest of the relationship.”

Soon after the podcast episode went live, many of Sam’s fans took to the comments of the social media posts to react. “Kory fumbled,” one listener wrote, while another added, “This was the confirmation we needed but didn’t fully want.” A third fan even went on to praise Sam for ending her relationship with Kory. “She deserves the world and someone to move mountains to be with her! So happy she’s putting herself first,” they gushed.

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