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Try this highly-rated Men’s Skincare for FREE!

For a limited time, head over to where you can score a free 21-Day Trial of their high-quality Men’s Skincare line for FREE – just pay $3 shipping!

Lumin understands that men’s skin is thicker, tougher, and structured differently below the surface and needs more than just regular soap and water to keep it looking its best. Lumin Skincare offers effective premium quality products that are specifically designed to keep men’s skin clean, healthy, and hydrated.

While it may be a men’s skincare line, many women also love Lumin’s products and rave about the benefits of their charcoal cleansers and moisturizers too!

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With their free 21-day trial, you can try this skincare and see the results yourself! After 21 days, you’ll be charged for and receive a 2-month supply of the full-size bundle every 2 months, unless or until you cancel. The monthly subscription will save you 15-25% versus buying the product individually too!

You can easily cancel your free trial or paid subscription in your account on anytime too.

Choose from 1 of 3 sets for your free trial…

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Lumin Class Act Bundle 21-Day Sample
Only $3 shipped!

This set includes samples of Lumin’s Charcoal Face Wash Daily Detox, Charcoal Scrub Deep Detox, Daily Face Moisturizer, and Dark Circle Defense Balm. These items are great for removing the daily grime buildup, evening out skin tone, and reducing dryness, dark circles, and dull, tired skin. After 21 days, you will receive a 2-month supply for $72.58 unless you decide to cancel (regularly $76.50 – $90 value).

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Lumin No Baggage Trio 21-Day Sample
Only $3 Shipped!

Grab this sample to try Lumin’s Charcoal Face Wash Daily Detox, Daily Face Moisturizer and Dark Circle Defense Balm to get clean skin and pores, moisturized skin and reduce dull, tired skin and dark eyes. After 21 days, you will receive a 2-month supply for $59.76 unless you decide to cancel (regularly $62.90 – $74 value).

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Lumin Dynamic Duo 21-Day Sample
Only $3 shipped!

Included in this set are samples of Lumin’s Charcoal Face Wash Daily Detox and Daily Face Moisturizer to help clean your skin and pores and keep your skin looking bright and feeling moisturized. After 21 days, you will receive a 2-month supply for $38.48 unless you decide to cancel (regularly $40.50 – $45 value)

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Hip Sidekick, Emily’s fiance was the most recent Hip member to try Lumin Skin! Here’s what they have to say…

I picked this trial set up for myself a couple of years ago since I love trying out skin products. So much so, that I just grabbed another trial for my boyfriend to try. He has a very low-maintenance skincare routine (borderline non-existent) but even he likes these! The face wash and scrub are gentle, and we love the detoxifying element of the charcoal.

The face moisturizer is thick, but not heavy or greasy. But the real star is the undereye defense cream that came in the anti-aging set we chose. It’s more of a gel and it’s thick, almost even sticky. But that’s exactly what I would want to help super hydrate my undereye area that can always use some extra TLC.

The trial size is perfect, especially if you want a small set to take traveling. And canceling is super easy, too! I’m waiting to use up the remaining product to see if we want to give the full-size products a go (definitely leaning towards a full-size of that undereye defense gel!

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But don’t just take our word for it! See what the guys have to say…

I bought Lumin for my boyfriend and he says that his skin is smoother and feels cleaner and there is a noticeable difference in the scarring on his skin that was due to acne.

I have been using Lumin Skincare for over two months now. I’m so impressed with the results I have been seeing. I’ve had lots of comments from people around me saying how great my skin is looking and I love the products I am using. Charcoal cleanser, moisturizing balm, and exfoliator. Each product is beautiful in consistency and fantastic quality. I have loved my experience with the website, subscription, and email services I have received. Overall, a fantastic experience.

Ok so for years I have battled with my skin due to my job, I’m a plasterer and always around dust, it’s very bad for your skin and drys it out, but now I’m a 40-year-old and feel awesome waking up and even going to bed. I do the cycle in the morning before work and I get home and have a shower and I still have a smooth face and not dry and yuk – thank you Lumin, you saved my face and my youth. Absolutely awesome!

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