Easily Backup and Recover Deleted Playlists and More With Rewind

But with Rewind provides insurance to help make sure your playlists, songs, and music videos from being accidentally deleted.

Just think of the app like Time Machine for Apple Music. It can take a snapshot of your songs, playlists, and music videos. If you happen to accidentally delete something, head back to the app. It will compare the backup to what’s on Apple Music and show anything that has been deleted.

All you’ll need to do is hit Recover to add the deleted file back into your library.

Much like Time Machine on the Mac, you can even browse your library at the specific time the backup was made.

The app was very easy to use. I started by making a backup of my Apple Music library and then deleting a few random songs, playlists, and music videos. I went back to Rewind and was able to see exactly what I deleted and was able to recover everything.

Just to note, only music added from Apple Music or matched from iTunes can be recovered. The app can’t recover songs added via mp3 from iTunes.

Rewind is free download now on the App Store. It’s only for the iPhone.

Thee free version allows you to unlock the three latest backups.

With a one-tine purchase of $4.99, you can unlock automatic backups that happen twice a week. You can also access all backups.

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