Surreal 9/10 soulslike gets a definitive edition and free expansion


Grime isn’t the kind of game I’d usually pay much attention to, but it’s becoming impossible for me to ignore its unique aesthetic, boss design, challenging combat, and wicked weaponry. Clover Bite has crafted an unforgettably horrifying experience with Grime and continues to work on the Metroidvania with updates and a coming sequel. If it caught my soulslike-averse eye, it may just catch yours with the new Definitive Edition and free expansion.

We first saw Grime surface back in 2021, with Clover Bite advertising its fast-paced, unforgiving RPG’s sequel two years later. As we wait for the second soulslike to emerge this year, the developer is releasing its third and final free expansion, Parting Shade, alongside the Definitive Edition of the game. The new content packs a fresh area dubbed the Abandoned Opus filled to the brim with grueling platform mechanics to overcome.

Parting Shade follows the platformer’s two preceding expansions. Colors of Rot brought Childbed, an interconnected area, as well as new abilities, bosses, traits, weapons, and more. Tinge of Terror followed with a New Game Plus mode and major updates to all bosses. The concluding third expansion will tie everything together on Thursday, January 25, as Clover Bite now reveals.

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The developer boasts a solid 9/10 for its dark fantasy RPG on Steam, and thousands of very positive reviews overall. Much of the feedback refers to the game’s “well-defined parry system,” with some players going as far as stating that Grime is “easily as good as Hollow Knight,” a platformer that arguably stands as one of the best to ever come from the genre with a big 10/10 and a coming sequel of its own.

Soulslike fans consider Grime a ‘must-have’ of sorts, but I’d urge players from all backgrounds to give it a go. I don’t go for challenging games like Clover Bite’s often, but I’m obsessed with the presentation of true body horror and the RPG’s cryptic lore. If you want to check it out in time for the new expansion, you can grab it now for $24.99 / £19.49.

While you consider hopping into the new Definitive Edition of Grime, we have all sorts of action-adventure games for you to browse through for a different taste of blood-pumping fun. Alternatively, you can take a look at some of the greatest Metroidvania games around right now if you’re searching for other similar platformers to play.

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