eLearning Localization Guide: 7 Rules To Follow

Your Step-By-Step eLearning Localization Guide

Whether you’re venturing into new markets or bringing international team members on board, localization can help you provide relevant and personalized training experiences. This eLearning localization guide by RWS sheds light on every aspect of the process, as well as some warning signs that it may be time to look for an outsourcing partner.

eBook Release: The Seven Rules Of eLearning Localization

eBook Release

The Seven Rules Of eLearning Localization

Discover how to create meaningful experiences for every learner by following the seven rules of eLearning localization and choosing the right partner.

How eLearning Localization Can Help You Achieve Business Success

Localizing eLearning content breaks down accessibility barriers by allowing every member of your team, as well as external partners, to stay in the know, bridge skill gaps, and avoid compliance breaches. You can deliver resources in their native language that take cultural nuances and societal norms into consideration. It’s not just about straightforward translations but creating training opportunities that are relevant and relatable. As a result, sales channels, customers, and employees around the world can reap the rewards of your L&D initiatives.

Localization also improves knowledge retention rates and boosts learner engagement so that you can maximize training ROI. But how can you make a strong business case for it, and why is it so critical for brands that want to expand or continue to stay competitive in their current markets?

About This eBook

What benefits can localization bring to your business? When should you consider hiring a localization partner who can help you develop L&D content that’s inclusive and culturally aware? Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside this ultimate guide by RWS:

  • Why Effective Localization Matters
  • Seven eLearning Localization Rules Every Organization Should Follow
  • Four Signs That You Should Seek A Localization Partner
  • Why Great Localization Is Essential For Global Brands

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