Night Court Season 2 Exclusive First Look: Court is Back in Session!

NBC’s “newboot” of the beloved 1980s series Night Court was a sensation last year, scoring an early renewal with its return to the classic sitcom format.

It was anchored by original cast member John Larroquette, once again donning the role of the irascible Dan Fielding, and Melissa Rauch, portraying Judge Abby Stone, daughter of the late Judge Harry Stone.

Season 2 returns on January 2 in its Tuesday 8 pm ET/PT timeslot and will stream the next day on Peacock.

TV Fanatic is thrilled to bring you this exclusive first look at the Season 2 shenanigans and the cast’s insights on what the future holds for Manhattan Criminal Court’s night shift.

When last we saw the Night Court team on Night Court Season 1 Episode 16, Dan had taken up the Louisiana judgeship, Gurgs was preparing to leave for England, and Abby and Rand had ended their engagement.

Oh, Abby also had her case dismissed, and, in the offing of that, Olivia admitted that Abby is her friend. HUGE!

However, the real jaw-dropper was the appearance of Marsha Warfield in Dan’s courtroom, reprising her role as Roz Russell, one-time bailiff in Harry Stone’s court.

The Season 2 premiere will pick up on that fantastic cliffhanger, with Dan and Roz reconnecting in holding while she rides out the repercussions of her wild bachelorette party.

Marsha Warfield’s been a busy performer since her days as Roz. We hope she sticks around here for a while.

Catching up with Roz (and finding out who managed to put a ring on her) will be a delightful aspect of the new season.

Night Court was one of the first shows to head back into production after the Hollywood strikes were settled.

With scripts in hand, they pulled off a real feat and put out the scheduled eighth episode of the season first as a Christmas special on December 23.

ICYMI, “A Night Court Before Christmas” flashed back to Abby’s first Christmas with the gang.

It’s worth checking out purely for Abby’s turn as one of Santa’s elves.

It’s a fun little package of joyful comedic mishaps infused with the holiday spirit and the requisite Dan Fielding snark.

Furthermore, the show really looks like it’s upping its guest star/cameo game, with none other than Karrem Abdul-Jabbar appearing as one of Gurg’s G.O.A.T.-Christmas gifts-gone-sideways.

And there are so many drunk Santas.




As you see in the first look clip below, the cast is stoked to be back at work and can’t wait for the new season to hit.

Too bad the spoiler alert police were such grinches. we would’ve loved to know what India de Beaufort wanted to share.

What do you think, Fanatics?

Will Roz stick around?

How will they bring Dan back to Manhattan?

Will the new year bring with it some of our Night Court Season 2 wishlist?

Hit our comments for your hopes for the premiere and what you predict for Season 2!

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