Brand-new 9/10 puzzle game is free to keep forever if you’re fast

Get your hands on a brilliantly quirky indie puzzler that’s only hit the Epic Games Store today. Snakebird Complete resembles an odd blend of Angry Birds and Snake and while it’s easy to get into it’s surprisingly hard to put down. It’s today’s EGS giveaway so if you’re fast off the mark, you can get it absolutely free.

Snakebird Complete is a puzzle game that puts you in charge of a snakebird, an adorably fluffy beaked snake-like creature. And, like the old Nokia game, your snakebird gets bigger the more fruit it guzzles.

But while that sounds like the cue for a lot of arcade action, you’ll don’t have to worry about running into your own tail. Instead, you’ve got gravity to contend with, figuring out how to reach the fruit without plummeting down onto metal spikes.

You can move right and get that banana, but then if you try moving left after that you’ll be stuck and.. but, wait, what if instead you… those are the kind of thoughts that’ll be going through your head while tackling this colorful puzzler.

Snakebird Complete contains all the levels from Snakebird and Snakebird Primer, the Steam originals. That’s over 120 levels in total, all for the grand price of nothing. Snakebird is rated 90% on Steam so you’re in for a real treat here.

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It’s really, really, hard to put down and later levels throw in multiple snakebirds, just to complicate things. Don’t worry, this is single-player. Having to compete with another player would really dial things up to 11, maybe that’s something for Snakebird 3.

You’ve got less than 24 hours to get your hands on Snakebird Complete, before the Epic Games Store ticks over to the next mystery game. Head to the EGS, create an account if you’ve not already got one, claim the game and it’s yours to keep.

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