Cabin Boy chosen for sinking ship


Well, who would have believed it? As Amanda Anderson departs (see here and here), Andrew Gilruth is appointed CEO of the Moorland Association.

There is a bit of job title inflation going on here. Amanda succeeded Martin Gillibrand, who had the title of Secretary, whereas I believe Amanda was called Director, but now Andrew is the Chief Executive Officer.  Sounds grand doesn’t it? But according to Companies House, the Moorland Association had one employee last year – and that’ll be Amanda – so quite who Andrew will be Chief of, or Executive of, is really unclear. He’ll still be taking the notes in the meetings too.

Well someone has to oversee the demise of driven grouse shooting, and put a brave face on it.  Not many people could have wanted to represent a past time which is underpinned by wildlife crime and by heather management (burning) that the Climate Change Committee wants to be summarily banned.

If I were Andrew, I’d keep my LinkedIn profile up to date and keep an eye on the job adverts as this one may be quite short term.


PS There can’t be many organisations these days that don’t have a single woman on their board. As best I can make out, Amanda has been the only one for the last 20+years. That’s progress for you.

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