XDC Replacing XRP, eBay All In On NFTs, Crypto Clarity Imminent

Today on Good Morning Crypto…

We will be discussing… Could XDC be the new XRP, a brand new competitor to SWIFT is being launched, will there be one chosen currency?

Mojaloop, a CBDC payment provider, funded by Bill Gates, Google and the Rockefeller foundation, is using XRP to help support the adoption of CBDC.

A modern day banking run is happening in China, are Chinese banks running out of cash? Or is this a scare to move us into CBDC.

eBay acquires an NFT marketplace, while Kevin O’leary says he hasn’t sold any crypto, telling investors that currently volatility is what defines this market.

ECB Head Christine Lagarde is now demanding crypto regulation, As Citi Securities Services, is launching a digital assets custody service for institutional investors, with over 27 trillion in assets under management, it appears the floodgates are breaking open. We prepare our listeners for the bullrun of a lifetime.

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//// T I M E C O D E S
0:00 – GMC Intro
0:14 – Intro / Cast Introductions
3:45 – Fear & Greed Index
3:55 – Market Analysis
7:00 – Top Ten World’s Biggest Custodians
8:14 – Exposing The Game Twitter Video
10:20 – Mojaloop Foundation Initial Sponsor Members
19:45 – eBay Acquires NFT Marketplace
26:01- Citibank To Launch Bitcoin Custody Services For Institutional Investors
33:07 – Impel Launches Next-Gen Alternative To SWIFT, SEPA On The XDC Network
40:44 – Technology Adoption Curve Chart
45:30 – Kevin O’Leary Says He Won’t Sell Any Crypto Despite Downturn – ‘You Just Have To Stomach It’
51:57 – Bank For International Settlements Warns: ‘Dangers Of Crypto Are Materializing’
57:30 – Coinbase Will Support FlareNetworks Spark Airdrop
57:50 – Outro / Closing Remarks

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