World Cup 2026 Cities – Ranked!

What’s the best city hosting 2026 World Cup?!

And, no, we’re not ranking them with any logical or soccer reasoning. JUST VIBES

cohost: Lorena Russi

Who Are The Cooligans?
The Cooligans are two new york latino stand up comedians who love soccer/football/futbol/calcio and do live streams, podcasts, and youtube content around the sport. Imagine if you walked into the best comedy club in New York City and two comedians on stage were talking about the sport you love. Thats the Cooligans.

Exclusive content:
This is where we put everything we shouldn’t say 😉

Two YouTube Live shows every week
Mondays 1pm ET: Prem Show (all things premier league)
Tuesdays 1pm ET: As yet named MLS/US based soccer show

Multiple weekly videos, clips, and shorts

Alexis Guerreros
Christian Polanco

Weekly audio podcasts:


About The Cooligans:
Two professional stand-up comedy who love being funny about soccer, MLS, USMNT, US soccer, USWNT, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and much more. Alexis is of Cuban descent and Chritian is of Dominican descent, two futbol POWERHOUSES in the Caribbean. Shhh, let us have this. We’ll help you enjoy the game after the 90 min are up. everton fan tv arsenal fan tv everton fan channel richarlison newcastle vs liverpool premier league highlights klopp liverpool villarreal fifa 22 tottenham fifa 22 ultimate team espn fc espnfc football news oh my goal real madrid mls highlights nycfc concacaf


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