What Happened in the Herogasm?


The much-anticipated live-action adaptation of 2009’s Herogasm miniseries has finally aired on Prime Video in the latest episode of The Boys. The story took an unexpected turn after Butcher, Hughie, and the rest of the group’s path led to Vermont, where Love Sausage and his long prehensile phallus welcomed them into a tangle of bodies. The Boys proved that they were ready to do anything to take down Homelander, even if it means to get their hands dirty.

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Is the Herogasm an Orgy?

Herogasm is an orgy involving many minor Supes created by Vought that went down in The Boys Season 3 Episode 6. After teaming up with Butcher and Hughie, Soldier Boy went on the search for his former Payback partners. The hunt led to Vermont, where the TNT Twins celebrated the 70th annual Herogasm. The Supes used their powers creatively among flying dildos and other sexual practices, including zoophilia.

After scouting the place, Soldier Boy told his partners that he founded Herogasm in 1952. He also credited a Supe called Liberty, a.k.a. Season 2’s Stormfront, as one of the founders. Once again, the show took a different path than the comic book source. In the comic book realm, Soldier Boy often refused to join his team during the “Herogasm” orgies. Prime Video’s show also changed Soldier Boy’s nature, making him cruel. The festivity ended after Soldier Boy went ballistic after hearing a Russian song, blasting half of the people attending the Herogasm with the nuclear energy bursting out of his chest.

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Who Won the First Clash Between Soldier Boy and Homelander?

After the Herogasm party was suddenly interrupted, Homelander flew to Vermont to confront Soldier Boy. For the first time, Vought’s finest superheroes ever created locked horns in an epic battle. Before fighting, Homelander warned his adversary that he was the improved version of Soldier Boy. The facts proved Homelander correct as he went inches away from wiping out Soldier Boy. Butcher and Hughie saved the day when the situation was critical and stopped Homelander. Ultimately, Homelander had to fly away, postponing the showdown with Soldier Boy.

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Why Does Mother’s Milk Hate Soldier Boy?

The latest episode also explained that Mother’s Milk hates Soldier Boy so much since the Supe killed his grandfather. The show teased that something had happened between them, but it only unveiled the truth while Mother’s Milk was heading with Starlight to the Herogasm. One night, Soldier Boy was taking care of some thugs in Harlem, Mother’s Milk’s neighborhood. A very young Mother’s Milk woke up due to the noise and ran to the window with his grandfather so they both could see the hero in action. That’s when Soldier Boy hurled a car into the house of Mother’s Milk, missing the young child by a few inches. The vehicle hit Mother’s Milk’s grandfather, who died on the spot. After the incident, Mother’s Milk started developing an obsessive-compulsive disorder that profoundly impacted his life.


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