Union New Jersey Restaurant POS System

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POS SOLUTIONS is an “Award Winning” Software Company with restaurant installs around New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey that include fine dining, quick serve, retail, and specialty applications. At POS SOLUTIONS we are firmly committed to providing our customers with the highest quality software available. We are an industry leader who takes pride in our products and are constantly integrating the latest and greatest technologies. POS SOLUTIONS continues to enhance our already robust product year after year and that is what sets us apart from our competition. We strive to bring innovation to our customers at a price that can’t be beat. Some of our innovative options include: Mobile Ordering, Online Ordering, Digital Signage, Surveillance, Tableside Ordering, IPADs for Handhelds and Signature Capture, TabbedOut for Smartphones and End-to-End Encryption.

POS Solutions located in Rockaway NJ, has been a premier provider of restaurant POS systems for over 35 years. My company has built a very reliable reputation in the tri-state area of NJ, NY and PA with thousands of satisfied customers.
We offer a complete suite of services that help you manage your business while controlling your expenses and putting more money in your bank. We not only believe that you make an investment in the products, but an investment in your business.
A Few Thoughts on Choosing a POS Specialist.
When choosing a POS Specialist it’s important that you take the time to research various companies in the field. There are many POSorganizations, however not all can be considered equal and should be chosen with the same due diligence you would do before hiring a doctor or lawyer. Keep in mind many companies that say they are a POS business are actually Credit Card companies. Credit Card companies are in the credit business not the POS systems business, and could care less about your hardware and software applications.

POS Solutions located in Rockaway NJ, has been a premier provider of restaurant POS systems for over 35 years, suggest that you ask someof the following questions before choosing a prospective POS system provider.

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