Ukraine news latest: Putin sends threat to West as despot warns US tanks would be a ‘blatant provocation’ against Russia

Zelensky’s nightly address for January 24, 2023

In his daily evening address, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine spoke with France and Finland over more support.

The Ukrainian President said: “Today I had extensive negotiations with President of France Macron. We discussed many topics.

“I thank Mr. President for his willingness to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense and expand our armored cooperation. This armored element is becoming increasingly important for the situation at the front. So is the artillery element.

“I thank France and Emmanuel personally for the much-needed decisions to strengthen Ukraine’s artillery. I am also grateful for the respective leadership within our anti-war coalition.

“And I heard today a full understanding of the situation both in a conversation with Mr. President Macron and in a conversation with Mr. President of Finland, who was on a visit to Kyiv today.

“There is a new package of support from Finland, including defense support. There is a willingness to strengthen sanctions against Russia and to join our diplomatic initiatives. We have a vision of how we can use this year to our countries’ advantage to cooperate within European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.

“That is, today, thanks to the French and Finnish stages of our diplomatic marathon, we have significantly strengthened Ukraine’s defense.

“The main thing now is the speed of implementation of everything we agreed upon. Today I discussed in great detail the points of our Peace Formula – what can be done together with France, what can be done together with Finland.

“It is very important for European leadership in these diplomatic efforts to be tangible. And today, in particular in my conversation with Emmanuel, I was pleased to hear his leadership initiatives.

“I am also grateful to Finland for the vision of the role of this country in guaranteeing our common security under the Peace Formula. I signed several decrees on awarding the defenders of our country.

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