Trail Camera Captures No One Was Supposed To See

Local authorities often mount trail cameras or scout cameras in the woods in order to monitor
wildlife in the area and also for security purposes. Besides that hunters can use these to monitor
game and even scientists and wildlife researchers can take advantage of trail cam footage for
research and analysis. Just like CCTV cameras these are also pretty simple to install and they
don’t need frequent maintenance either. You just need to strategically place them in a location
where you think lots of animal activity occurs. Setting up feeders in the vicinity of the cameras is
a good way to attract more of them. While most of the trail cam feeds are just regular
monotonous recordings of the wilderness and animals, sometimes people end up finding
strange and bizzare things in the footage too. Oblivious of the camera’s eye watching them,
animals tend to behave quite mysteriously at times and thankfully the trail cams capture these
odd actions. Today we’re going to show you some of the most unexpected and extraordinary
trail cam captures no one was supposed to see, so make sure you watch till the end


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