The Haunted GHOST TRAIN! – Halloween 2021 Creeps!! Ghosts!! Spiders!! Trains!! And good fun!!

Off to Ely again to ride the Haunted Ghost Train (and a quick peek at steam locomotive 81) AND the Carnival of Creeps! Chunk’n Pumpkins!! Spider maze! Fun for EVERYONE!

The star of the show is the Haunted Ghose Train in Ely Nevada. The people of Ely always do a community “spook alley” but all along the tracks of the Nevada Northern. Then people ride the Haunted Ghost Train through the show! What fun!! As this is also all along the “Loneliest Highway in America”, US 50, one wonders what people driving through the middle of nowhere think as they see ax murders, UFOs, and other horrors acted out all along the highway…

We always do a Halloween special show… We searched high and low.. and up and down.. A new study names Salt Lake City as the most Halloween-centric city in the WORLD! Lombardo Homes awarded Utah first place. The top states:
1. Utah
2. Illinois
3. New Jersey
4. Texas
5. New Mexico

Anyway, thousands dress up their houses in Salt Lale City.

Looked up Ammon Smith.. Always does something way over the top.. This year the Carnival of Creeps. Found a spider maze around a home.. Digital animated lights. Pumpkins being destroyed, Anyway, its all FUN!


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