“Thank You, Places!: Louis Palena, Jordan Brennan and The Story of Music Mountain Theater”

Music Mountain Theater means a lot to many people. It opened in October 2017 and celebrates St. John (Sinjun) Terrell’s Music Circus (1949-1970), which was approximately at the same location as this new theater on Woodward Mountain in Lambertville. Terrell always called the place Music Mountain. Louis Palena and Jordan Brennan opened the new theater with Ginny Brennan (Jordan’s mother) and have provided the area with top-notch theater entertainment all year long. It is a community theater with professional quality. Palena and Brennan are married. This video talks of history, a gay love story, theater and how the arts are home to many LGBTQ+ people, where other places are not. New Hope/Lambertville is a special place where the arts flourish and LGBTQ+ find home.


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