TechChat Tuesdays #36: Django 3.2, TP Robots, and…. New Jersey?

While we’re down a compadre this week, Sujan Kapadia and Becca Refford step up to share some of this week’s DevNews.

Show Notes:

Get your tickets to Philly ETE 2021! Alan Kay, Kent Beck, Jessica Kerr, and more incredible speakers. Tickets are $89 for three days.

Supreme Court rules in Google’s favor against Oracle, “fair use” of a copyrighted API:

Github updates their authentication token format. Reset your personal access tokens!

Django 3.2 released:

Build your own web browser in a 1000 lines of Python:

The weirdest new tech at CES 2021:

Brings to mind last year’s event, where Charmin unveiled their ‘RollBot’ which brings you a fresh roll of TP with a request sent from your smartphone:

Ingenuity is alive, it’s alive! Survives the first night:

The iconic SpaceJam website was redesigned for a reboot, but a link to the old site was thankfully built into the new version:

Incredible Rolling Stone thinkpiece about the Space Jam site, like “a cave painting from the early internet”:

An open source Spotify client built with Angular 11, ng-zorro, and TailwindCSS:
AWS billing:

CloudWatch Metric Streams to capture usage and billing data for later analysis:

CloudFormation support for Budget Actions:

Yahoo Answers shutting down May 4, 2021:

What the heck is Clubhouse? iOS app, drop-in audio chat (voice-only, no video), still invite-only, reportedly already has a $1 billion valuation(!):

Soon you’ll have to go through NJ to get to NYC, even in Minecraft!

An accurate model of the Earth, for the Unreal gaming engine:

Thanks for watching! See you next Tuesday at noon!


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