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SE New Jersey was one of the toughest, yet rewarding shoots yet. Usually I have at least one person tag along with me to these shows to help with driving and shooting, but I unfortunately had to run solo this time around. It made rollers a little more of a challenge than usual, but having my own schedule made things a little simpler throughout the weekend.
Wildwood is a really cool city, being right on the ocean, it’s one of those places you can take a car and say, “hey park anywhere” and you’ll get a cool shoot out of it. Aside from the worst roads I’ve ever personally experienced, it was a really enjoyable trip.
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ÆSTRAL – half light

WEVLTH – Higher

DIVINE – Mercy

pexØt – Lights

VANRA – T-Shirt

Sudoverse x lolibeat – Cascades

Kim & Affectwave – Hardwave/Wave Sample Pack Vol.1

Juche – Falling

Alexander Lewis – Pearl Magnolia feat. Brasstracks, Armani White & Bxrber


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