October 20, 2022 New Jersey/Delaware Bay Fishing Report with Jim Hutchinson, Jr.

More stripers are arriving at the Jersey Shore every day, as the moveable feast of adult and peanut bunker continues to bring bass (and bluefin 1:40) in tight to shore. In our previous week’s video forecast, a heavy discussion on the death of “snag & drop” fishing and the need to decrease mortality rate of recreationally caught striped bass; this week, a video spotlight (2:04) on the wanton disregard of weakfish apparently by commercial fishing industry folks working in the bunker reduction game just off the three-mile line – this exclusive video from one of our readers shows a trail of dead weakfish, thousands of them, with a reduction boat across the line sucking as much menhaden from the sea as the corporate behemoth can possibly carry. More reports on the striped bass grounds (3:00), and it’s not just bunker (5:20) either; out back the high tide and westerly breezes (7:13) look good for your Friday morning sod bank mission. One sod ban regular in South Jersey (7:40) found a redfish this week; could the speckled trout be around? A new hybrid striper record in the state of New Jersey (9:00) with our report from the Poconos, and remember there’s no fishing license required (10:30) in the state of New Jersey this Saturday!


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