New Jersey Solar Tax Incentives in 2022

Go Solar in New Jersey with 100k Solar and Enjoy Attractive Incentive Programs! Learn more here: Or call us directly! (732)814-8087

The benefits of solar energy are many in New Jersey, with almost 33% higher rates than other states. But what if you could lessen your electric bill by 40%, protect yourself from outages and reduce carbon emissions? You can do all three when switching to a home equipped with solar panels! There’s even financial incentives available for those looking forward or purchasing new rooftop systems along wth battery storage devices at no cost through tax credits like federal stimulus dollars on top-of -the line rebates as well as grants from 100k Solar whom offer homeowners significant cash back offers that SAVE money.

100k Solar is one of the best solar installers in New Jersey. We’ll make sure you you can bring all the solar potential that the Garden State has to offer your home or office.


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