Metal Detecting At Low Tide | #live #newjersey #beachmetaldetecting

Today I will be metal detecting a beach during low tide looking for #TREASURE. Wish me luck🤙 Feel free to ask questions in the live chat. I will certainly do my best to keep an eye on chat while I’m detecting. #equinox800 #beachdetecting #treasurehunting #metaldetecting #beachmetaldetectingnj #detectorists #todiveanddetect #detectingtheshore #dts #jerseyshore

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Equipment We Use:
Right now we hunt with the Minelab Equinox 800 (land and shallow water) paired with the Extreme Scoop. As for underwater detecting, we use the Nokta Macro Pulse Dive, paired with the Dive blu3 NEMO and soon to be the Dive blu3 NOMAD (surface air supply). We record our hunts with our iPhones paired with chest mounts and for underwater hunts we use the GoPro Hero 7Black and the GoPro Hero 9. Check out the links below for more info.

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🌴Minelab Equinox 800:
🌴Detect-Ed Carbon Fiber Shaft
🌴CKG Sand Scoop:
🌴Finds Bag:
🌴Little Black Box:

(iPhone 13 Pro & 13 ProMax)
🌴iPhone Chest Mount:
🌴iPhone 13 Pro Waterproof Case:
🌴iPhone 13 ProMax Waterproof Case:
🌴 Wireless Mic:

🏝Dive Blu3 Affiliate links: 🏝
🌴 Check out the DiveBlu3 NEMO at👉
🌴 Check out the DiveBlu3 NOMAD at👉

Minelab Equinox 800 Our Beach Settings:
Wet Sand and In Water
Beach Mode 2
Sensitivity 18-22 (Adjusted as Necessary)
Recovery speed 5-6
All metal mode ON
Ground Balance 0

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