Listen to an Exclusive Track from The Devil’s Hour Soundtrack

ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from The Devil’s Hour—Amazon Original Series Soundtrack featuring music by The Newton Brothers (Doctor Sleep). The score utilizes electronics, piano, and strings that provide a beautifully ominous, multi-faceted backdrop to the drama thriller, which debuts on Prime Video tomorrow. The soundtrack will be available to purchase digitally on October 28.

The Devil’s Hour is a deeply beautiful story,” said The Newton Brothers. “We don’t want to say too much about the story itself so as not to give any emotional direction, but under the direction of Johnny, Sue, and the whole team, we were encouraged to be weird, emotional, sullen, simple, and complex. We employed piano melodies, found sound, a wall of modular insanity, and strings gorgeously performed by The Orchid Quartet.”

The Devil’s Hour Soundtrack Track List
01. The Devil’s Hour Main Titles I
02. 3:33
03. Sleepwalking
04. Pink Sunflowers
05. Meredith Warren
06. Dreams
07. The Lodge
08. There Is No Beginning, No End – I
09. Concentric Circles
10. Putting Together The Pieces
11. Dear Lucy
12. There Is No Beginning, No End – II
13. I Need It To Be Over – Reprise
14. I Need It To Be Over – The Darkness
15. I Need It To Be Over – The Light
16. Speed Kings
17. Malcolm
18. Halstead’s Paradise
19. I Need To Know
20. The Red Box (Whiskey Concussion)
21. And Again And Again
22. Emotional Anomaly
23. Scents Of Balance
24. There Is No Beginning, No End – III
25. There Is No Beginning, No End – IV
26. The Devil’s Hour Main Titles VI

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