Inside the NBA vs. MLB All-Stars (Full Episode) | Celebrity Family Feud

Full episode throwback! NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal takes on baseball’s biggest names on Celebrity Family Feud!

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Original air date: June 17, 2018.

00:00 Introduction – The Inside the NBA squad goes toe to toe with the MLB All-Stars.
00:57 Round #1 – Ernie Johnson vs. Jimmy Rollins. If you live to be 100, what do you think you’ll be doing on Saturday night?
07:05 Round #2 – Kenny “The Jet” Smith vs. Johnny Damon. If a man’s zipper breaks at church, what might he use to cover it up?
12:22 Round #3 – Shaq vs. Sean Casey. I like it when my man gives me a big what?
16:48 Round #4 – Charles Barkley vs. Jennie Finch. My ideal wife would have to be both hot and what?
21:45 Fast Money – “This about to be the worst game of Fast Money you’ve ever seen!” Can Shaq & Sir Charles prove Steve Harvey wrong??


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