Every Country In The World: 195 Recipes—195 Weeks—Sasha Martin, author, food writer, blogger | Ep 27

195 Countries. 195 Recipes. 195 Weeks: She set out to cook—and eat—a meal from every country in the world.
Along the way she found: Peace After Turmoil & Happiness After Difficulty

This is Sasha Martin’s Journey: From Food Stamps & Foster Homes In Boston To Life In France & Luxembourg. Then From Wesleyan and the C.I.A. To Tulsa & The Oklahoma Plains

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The Journey of Sasha Martin, author of “Life from Scratch,”a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness.

Meet Sasha Martin —Sasha grew up in and out of many homes across two continents. This includes living in several foster homes and with family friends. Though loved and cared for, she often felt unsure of her place in the world. She discovered that creative expression through her art, writing, and cooking helped heal and feel her way through life’s challenges and celebrations.

This is a replay of the 27th episode of the JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure & Discovery In The Time of Corona. Allan Karl and Sasha Martin chatted from San Diego and Tulsa, Oklahoma via Livestream on December 7, 2020, during the global pandemic. A great conversation, stories, poetry, and good beer!

Links Mentioned In This show:
“Life From Scratch” a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness: https://amzn.to/2LnGvmB
Global Table Adventure With 650 Recipes: http://www.globaltableadventure.com
“Let’s Be Friends,” Sasha’s Quarterly Newsletter: http://sashamartin.com/lets-be-friends/
Sasha’s Personal Website: http://www.sashamartin.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thatsashamartin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thatsashamartin/

Cooking every country was just the beginning.

For nearly four years, Sasha and her family cooked more than 650 recipes from 195 countries and territories. Curious, open-minded, and open-hearted, they ate really, really well – all from her modest kitchen in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She discovered the experience connected her family with people from all over the globe. She documented her experience in the blog she built from scratch: Global Table Adventure—the go-to place for global foodies.

Her book, “Life from Scratch: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness” (National Geographic, 2015), allowed her to connect her family’s cooking adventure with a deeper search for a sense of belonging. 

Named a best new book and book club pick in O, the Oprah Magazine, People Magazine, and was a GoodReads Choice Awards Finalist. “Life From Scratch” chronicles her attempt to cook her way to happiness and self-acceptance. Her work has been featured in many places, including Food & Wine, People Magazine, NPR, Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Kitchen, O Magazine, Boston Globe, and Food52.

Our Discussion Covered Some Of These & Other Topics
• Down the Road On A Creative Journey —How walking in new directions to new experiences and experiments in expression bring beginnings to new journeys. Discovering the beauty and power of poetry, painting, drawing, writing, cooking, and more.

• Overcoming A Difficult Childhood Through Cooking—The power of cooking to help families bond, empower, and heal.

• Variety Is The Spice of Life—How transcending from boring “same ole” meals by setting a global table can ignite passion and compassion and bring back the joy and adventure of cooking with your family and/or your friends.

• The Story Behind Names—From “Sasha” to “Global Table Adventure,” and “Life From Scratch.” Sasha shares the power of words and ideas.

• The Road To Love On A Motorcycle—How choices and decisions can open doors and possibilities. Jetting around the Oklahoma plains on her Kawasaki brought more than adventure to Sasha’s life.

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