Dance Diversity in NJ: Jersey Moves! Festival of Dance, NJPAC

“Dance in New Jersey is blossoming!” says Keith Thompson, Founder of danceTactics contemporary ensemble. Six Jersey dance groups perform in NJPAC’s Jersey Moves! and reveal what dancers think about while onstage.

What is dance? How do dancers convey emotion and narrative through movement and gesture? Jersey Moves! Festival of Dance at NJPAC explores a range of dance styles exemplified by: Timothy Kochka and the Davis Academy of Irish Dance (Fedelmia Mullan Davis, Academy Director), Indian dancer Bani Ray, the NJ Tap Ensemble, Nimbus Dance Works, danceTactics performance group, and the American Repertory Ballet.

This season’s Jersey Moves! dance festival takes place in March and May: Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 8 pm, and Saturday, May 3, 2014mat 8 pm in the Victoria Theatre at NJPAC.



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