Beautiful Dog Beach In Jersey. #shorts

Living life. Explore more. Experience nature.
We love to travel and hike. We are from Chester County, Pennsylvania. My name is Josh and I have my own photography business called Giannarino Vision Photography. I pretty much shoot everywhere I go whether it’s a county park, a nature preserve, a beach or even footage of scenic areas from our car…Enjoy beautiful locations from the streets of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to amazing, awesome waterfalls in McArthur, California!!! My wife is vegan and I’m vegetarian going on vegan. We love food and stopping at restaurants on our travels! Learn fun facts! Enjoy locations you never heard of! Trails you haven’t seen. Nature preserves you still have yet to explore! Enjoy the beauty of the east coast…Well, mostly the east coast. Be prepared to see many animals as well!! Enjoy scenic relaxation. #adventuretravel #naturelovers #asmr


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