⚠️ America is NOT Ready for What is Coming, PREPARE NOW

Americans are gonna get furious when they hear this. After a year of paying the highest food prices in nearly four decades, industry insiders are warning that your grocery bill is set to shoot up even higher this winter, and the coming ground of increases is gonna be extremely painful. 50, 60, and even 70% price hikes are no longer a threat, but a reality. Millions of households in the United States are already facing. At this point, More than one in five American families is reporting food insecurity due to the skyrocketing costs. According to the results of a survey released yesterday by the Urban Institute. Our domestic food production took a massive hit this year and farmers are fuming with the situation saying that things are definitely not gonna be okay. Meanwhile, supermarket CEOs and restaurant chains are telling the public to buy and stock up on supplies while they still can, because conditions are only gonna get more complicated from here on. In other words, it’s time to get ready for a cold, dark, winter. While our hard working population gets increasingly fed up with the oppressive cost of living and the abusive surge in food inflation that may send some people over the edge. Winter is coming and so is another price shock at grocery stores, tens of millions of Americans are already struggling with empty shelves and inflated prices, and according to ready wise, an emergency Food supply company, U.S consumers shouldn’t ignore food shortage warnings because these alarming trends are expected to continue and worsen in 2023. With egg prices soaring 40%, chicken and meat prices rising 22%. Flour getting 23% more expensive, and even bread facing double digit price increases. It’s clear that the official rate of food and grocery inflation Currently standing at 12 and 14% prospectively, Do not tell the whole story. What consumers are seeing when they go to the supermarket is deeply disturbing.

A new report published by The New York Times revealed that shoppers are reporting 50 to 70% price increases at their local supermarkets. Susan Pollock, a property manager from Marina Delray California, said that at a local Costco, a five pack of short ribs is almost 70% higher than a year ago, jumping from around $60 to $200 last month. I told my husband we’re never having short ribs again she said. At a stop and shop in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Haga Dale, the 35 year old Instacart shopper, pointed out that a single packet of powder drink mixed that once sold for 25 cents shot up to 56 cents more than doubling in price. Lord forbid if you have a big shop todo, Miss Dale said as she left the grocery store with a customer’s order, you’re literally penny pinching. This inflation thing is a real problem Another shopper added. When you are paying twice as much to fill your gas tank and twice as much for everything, you’ve got to say to yourself, Well, can I really afford to buy everything I need? As food staples face a price barrel, more and more people are being forced to cut back on spending to be able to make meet. For Angie Goodman. A housekeeper from Culver City, California who would usually eat meat once a week. The recent spikes that push the price a steak up by 50% mean that she may only be able to eat meat once a month.

This is, America is NOT Ready for What is Coming

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