A Plague Tale: Requiem Release Date Confirmed for Later in 2022


After just having a lengthy gameplay demo at Xbox’s recent showcaseA Plague Tale: Requiem now has a confirmed release date, and it’s only a few months away. Players can continue the rat-infested journey of Amicia and Hugo on October 18 across Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. It will also exist on Nintendo Switch in the cloud as a streaming release and be on Game Pass.

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Requiem is a direct follow-up to Innocence, both in the story and in gameplay. Players can use Hugo’s abilities to summon rats to do their bidding or stealth through scenarios with Amicia’s skulking skills. It’s one of several projects in the works for A Plague Tale, including a TV show that hopes to stay faithful by retaining the game’s French locale and hiring on local crew.

In a PlayStation Blog post about the upcoming game, Asobo Studio Lead Writer Sébastien Renard went into detail about what to expect about his two leads. Hugo is still a kid in Requiem, so his abilities sometimes overwhelm him. Players will have to deal with scenarios where heroics go astray, leading to split-second decisions that could be game-changing.

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A release date announcement for Requiem seemed imminent, given how the game’s achievements went online in March. Aside from one single achievement deciding someone’s fate, they’re not filled with spoilers, mainly rewarding those who complete its chapters, get its upgrades, and do a handful of specific tasks.


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